#10: April is for rest

April does start this week, right?

I feel like a lot of people will resonate with this statement, but holy shit am I tired. It’s not really tired in the sense that I need more sleep, but tired like my brain has been in overdrive for too long.

We’ve been chin-deep in this pandemic for more than a year now. Nothing is normal, and I’ve somehow been go, go, go for a majority of the past 12 months.

I’m going to try to take a break from my personal social media next month, just to give myself time to focus on other projects and recharge my overstimulated brain. I’ll pop online occasionally, but I’ll definitely be posting less as I try to be offline more.

Because I source most of the posts I include in this newsletter from Twitter, Accessible Social will be paused for April. My weekly #AltTextTuesday exercise will also be taking a break next month since I won’t really be online to give feedback.

Rest is good.


Digital Accessibility Win of the Week

Last week, developer Alessandro Paluzzi revealed that TikTok is finally working on auto-captions. This week, Snapchat is following suit!

Digital Accessibility Fail of the Week

There is a lot wrong happening in Georgia right now as the Kemp administration attacks voter rights through a restrictive new law. President Biden and the White House came out against SB 202, and Governor Kemp predictively hit back. On Twitter, he used an inaccessible graphic to share his thoughts.

This is probably one of the worst ones I’ve seen so far because not only did it not have any alt text on it, but there wasn’t even any readable text in the written part of the tweet or a link to the full statement in a readable format. There are much better ways to share statements like this.

Have you recently spotted a major digital accessibility win or fail on social media? Send it to me! I might just feature it in my next newsletter. Feel free to email me at hello@therealalexa.com or you can DM me on Twitter. My inbox is always open!

You Should Retweet This

Sometimes listening to others is the best form of learning you can do.

Word of Advice

Did you know that you can add alt text to new pins on Pinterest? This feature is relatively new, but the platform makes it super easy and obvious when you upload a new pin to your account.

Looking for an easy way to double-check your social media content before posting it? Download my handy checklist and make sure you always have the basics of digital accessibility for social media covered!

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One Last Thing

Twitter chats are incredibly popular now, but there are a few things that hosts should consider if they want to keep their chat accessible for everyone.

Secrets, secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone! This logic also applies to newsletters and your Netflix login.